Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rudjard Hayes and Scott Ballard

I voted today and Rudjard Hayes got my vote. I want someone who's kick butt in that office, not someone who cozies up to the Sheriff and the Commissioners. I've heard that they gave him a county car AND gave his secretary a county car. I don't think I should be putting gas in a secretary's car to drive back and forth to work.

I voted for Greg Dunn, Peter Pfeifer and Bob Fuhrman for commission, Dave Simmons for sheriff, skipped the PSC because I have no idea who any of the people are and am not sure it even matters.

On the school board I pushed the screen for Janet Smola, that Mary something or other and the lady with the double last name. I don't have any children in the school system these days but they control a lot of my tax dollars. Smola is the only one on the board right now who seems to have any fiscal sense.


Anonymous said...

Just a comment to clarify... Rudjard Hayes HAD A STATE CAR too when he was an ADA working for Scott.
Also, by the way ALL THE ADA's and ONE Secretary (who is also the law enforcement liason who travels the entire circuit weekly to meet with law enforcement) has a state car.
Rudjard Hayes has told so many whoppers and half whoppers that he is even losing track of the whoppers he has told. He is losing big time folks. His appearance at the forum last night was almost a concession speech!

Anonymous said...

Another perspFormer Chief Assistant District Attorney Speaks Out on District Attorney Race

To the editor:

As the former Chief Assistant District Attorney for the Griffin Judicial Circuit, I feel I need to comment on what I believe is a very important election for District Attorney between the incumbent Scott Ballard and Rudjard Hayes, a candidate for District Attorney for the Griffin Circuit.

Scott Ballard is by far the most qualified candidate for District Attorney. Scott is a life long resident of Fayette County and the Griffin Judicial Circuit. He has been a practicing attorney since 1984 and your District Attorney since 2005. He has been an active part of the community he serves and has made real changes in the Justice system of the Griffin Circuit. Rudjard Hayes has just recently moved to Fayette County and has only been a practicing attorney since 1996. Mr. Hayes only real contribution to this community was the two years he spent as an Asst. District Attorney for your District Attorney, Scott Ballard. During his time as an Assistant he worked primarily in the Griffin, Spalding County office, and for a short time was in charge of the office. His attempts at leadership in that limited role proved to be disastrous for the Griffin office and the justice system.

Rudjard Hayes also has said that he has experience “running a prosecutor’s office like this one, except that it had five counties and this one only has four”. I presume he is referring to the Coweta Circuit. Hayes was never in charge of the Coweta Circuit. He was never named Chief Assistant. He was at first assigned to Meriwether County and was later moved to Coweta. It concerns me, and I believe should concern you, that he would make such a false claim.

Prior to joining the Griffin Judicial Circuit, I was the Deputy District Attorney in Fulton County. I retired after 27 years of service. While in the Griffin Circuit I had the opportunity to work closely with your District Attorney Scott Ballard. The citizens are fortunate to have a man like Scott Ballard representing them. District Attorney Scott Ballard is an outstanding leader. He has always had the citizens best interest in mind when making decisions that affect there safety.

When I left the District Attorney’s office, it was to go into private practice - something I wanted to try before I retire. Hayes implies that the attorneys who have left the office have done so because of lack of leadership by Mr. Ballard, or disagreement with his management. I certainly do not agree with that comment. Some, like myself, elect to prosecute criminals because of a desire to serve. Many men and women graduating from law school today simply can’t maintain the financial sacrifice necessary to make a career of prosecution. Mr. Ballard hires the best lawyers available, and many receive more lucrative offers that they can’t refuse. Hayes knows that this happens in all prosecutor offices, yet he wants you to believe that it is because Mr. Ballard is not an effective D.A. That’s just not the case.

More misinformation spread by Hayes.

Misleading information and half-truths regarding his trial record and comparing it with Mr. Ballard’s are contained in his mail-outs and newspaper ads. He says he has never had a conviction reversed by the appellate courts. That’s not true. In his own ad he cites Howard v State, 230 Ga. APP. 437. In that case the Court upheld two counts and reversed the defendant’s conviction of aggravated assault. He doesn’t count that against himself; however, when he cites Middlebrooks v State (2006) as one of Mr. Ballard’s “conviction overturned” Hayes fails to point out that while one identify fraud count was reversed, the defendant’s 12 convictions for forgery and nine convictions of financial transaction theft were upheld! Half-truths and misleading information from Hayes is what you get The Bibbins v State case cited by him was not a conviction, but rather a non-ruling on a Motion to Suppress by the trial court, that the appellate court sent back to the trial court for make a ruling on the motion. Again, misleading information from Hayes. The Rosser v. State case cited by Hayes under his misleading heading that he never had a conviction reversed involved the defendant’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea. The appellate court ruled that the trial court was correct in refusing to let him do so; however, this had absolutely nothing to do with Hayes trial ability to obtain a “conviction.” Half-truths. In the Seife v State case (in his case against Ballard), Hayes fails to mention that the appellate court upheld the defendant’s conviction of obscene internet contact. Again, Hayes gives you only part of the story.

Mr. Ballard created the position of law enforcement liaison to order to work closely with officers in prosecuting their cases, and also to provide on-going training in all areas of the prosecution. He and his ADAs have held training session for law enforcement throughout the circuit, and they are available for law enforcement whenever needed.

I came to work for Mr. Ballard in 2005 because I respected him as an accomplished trial attorney who didn’t mind handing “tough” cases and difficult situations. He brought his high stand of professionalism and excellent skills as a trial attorney to the D. A.’s office, and has provided guidance and training to his entire staff, including ADAS. He is an excellent listener when someone needs his counsel; he welcomes input from his employees and makes management decisions that will be best for all concerned.

I urge you to not be mislead by Hayes. Scott Ballard is the best man for the job as District Attorney for the Griffin Judicial Circuit and I ask that you to cast your vote for him.

Al Dixon, Former Chief ADA,
Griffin Judicial Circuit
Fulton County
ective on Mr. Hayes: