Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good Old Boys Rule

Was I ever shocked by the election results!!!!!!!!! Hannah takes it without a run off? What a rip that was for law and order, justice and truth. Everything will be swept under the rug and business will go on as usual. I don't know a single deputy who wanted THAT outcome!!!!!! I wonder if we're going to see a mass exodus from the sheriff's office.

And what about Frady sliding by just barely by the skin of his teeth. What the heck is the skin of someone's teeth? Totally unknown guy comes out of the woodwork and almost blasts Frady off his perch. Man that would have been poetic justice to have Mr. Corruption, Mr. Ain't never seen a developer he didn't love gone.

Bummed about Dunn and Hayes, too. Both are good guys, incorruptible, no special interest favors and squeaky clean. Sucks the big one.

Pfeifer is probably not far behind as all the good old boys will be aiming their guns at him so they can get their boy swipe-em-plenty Hearn in there. Then it's no holds barred and they'll be slipping and sliding and the county will continue its recent downward spiral into those were the good old days territory.

Remember when Clayton County was "the" place to live? Your know, the good old days before they let it go to you know where.

Guess I'm going to have to start thinking about looking for someplace to move because it won't be long before this place is not where I want to be. I'm already hating to open the newspaper because it's the same old crime crap that I used to see where I used to live.

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