Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hold on, hold on, hold on

Fayette County is now voting based on someone being BORN here? Hold on a minute, no way, not possible. Deep end, over the top, STUPID.

I voted absentee, missed it when they let the nuts out of the nut house around here. The idiots took over the county while I was gone. They must have dumped dumb juice in the water and half the population swallowed it.

The logic defies imagination. Doesn't matter if you can't string a sentence together (Horgan), doesn't matter if you'd sell your first born to stay in office (Frady), doesn't matter if the truth is something you manipulate (Maxwell). All you have to do is have a high school diploma from a local school, a birth certificate that says Fayette County or own a business here????????????????????????

Why shucks m'am I cain't spell worth a hoot but I dun gradiated frum Fayette High School and ah deserve yor vote. You owes me your vote.

One last chance to save Fayette County and that is Peter Pfiefer. If we don't keep him on the Board we have lost the county. Don't know why he'd even want to be there with that crew but at least he gets the word out about what they're doing.

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