Thursday, July 31, 2008

Attorney and County Commissioner Eric Maxwell

I think attorney and County Commissioner Eric Maxwell is in the process of executing a long-term plan that is destined to land him a judgeship.

He ran Judge Fletcher Sams' campaign. After Maxwell got into office, he and his friends on the Commission handed Sams a raise of somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 K per year. Nice. Who owes who in that one?

He ran Scott Ballard's campaign. What do you think is going to happen if the County Commission gets caught doing something they shouldn't? Think Ballard will be impartial? Will Ballard turn it over to a friendly special prosecutor who lets it sit until it's long forgotten?

What about Ballard's requests from the County Commission? Anytime he asks for something is he going to get it? What has he already gotten from the commission? Will Maxwell recuse himself from doing the budget, voting on issues to do with Ballard? Ha.

Maxwell is running Judge Johnnie Caldwell's campaign. Caldwell is an advocate of setting up a costly separate judicial district for Fayette County. We're in a large district right now and there just aren't enough slots for all these judge wannabees. It's a long drive from Thomaston (his home) to Fayette County to campaign. Caldwell's opposition seems to always come from Fayette County.

Eric Maxwell has been trying to get a separate district for Fayette County. Why you might ask? Think about this one.

If there's a separate district what you want to bet that Fletcher Sams, who lives here, will end up as the judge. Then Sams spot will be open. Then Maxwell will be able to run for that and finally get his cushy position.

He got into office supported by the sheriff, Ballard's folks and Sams folks. The sheriff is gone, but those who revere him will still remember his desires. Who ya think is gonna win that spot?

Long term ambitions, carefully laid out plan that is going like clock-work.

Fayette County is being run by the new good old boys.

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