Monday, July 21, 2008

North Fayette blows it again

North Fayette had the opportunity to elect a black sheriff this election. All we had to do was pull a Republican ballot on July 15th. If we had organized and voted as a block, we would have demonstrated some power and been able to affect the political world in Fayette County.
We didn't like Scott Ballard. We could have elected Rudjard Hayes.

We did not like Robert Horgan. We could have elected Greg Dunn.

Instead, we split into factions, and failed.

Robert Horgan wouldn't be in office if we had worked together when he first ran for election. We could easily have elected Emory Wilkerson, the black Republican who ran, but we split the vote hopelessly by running not one, but multiple Democrats.

In this months election word was out that North Fayette was going to pull Republican tickets and actually make a difference. We didn't. You can look at the numbers and see that most of the Democrats in the county pulled a Democratic ballot voting for Vernon Jones and others who don't make a bit of difference to us.

I finally figured out why everyone wants district voting. We're just darn lazy and can't fight for ourselves. If we can't work together to make a statement in this county, we don't deserve a voice on the county commission, the school board or the district attorney's office. Shame on those who blindly pulled a Democrat ballot and blew the chance to change our local world.

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