Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Vote in the Upcoming Election

I consider myself to be a fairly educated and informed individual. I read all the newspapers and online media, with the exception of the online Citizen Newspaper. I find all the blather of the blogging to be distracting and extremely negative, not to mention that most are pontificating on issues on which they have zero knowledge. I attend the occasional County Commission and City Council meeting.

I have been to most of the public forums and candidate "meet and greets" and some private events. Now I am prepared to vote and share my opinions.

Tax Commissioner
I will most likely bite the bullet and vote for Linda Wells. I am not enamored of either candidate, but I find Mr. Wingo's smugness irritating. I also was not impressed with anyone who did not have the sense to keep his guns at home. While Linda Wells is not the warmest individual, she is frugal and honest beyond a shadow of doubt.

Probate Judge
Ann Jackson. Steve Kiser would be my second choice. Ms. Jackson has a calm demeanor, seems to be the best qualified and has the pleasant tone I so enjoyed from Judge Stephenson.

District Attorney
Rudjard Hayes. A District Attorney should be tough and should have a good record when it comes to convictions and being overturned on appeal. Scott Ballard seems like a nice individual but that is not a trait I look for in a District Attorney. I took strong exception to his testimony in regards to the convicted child molester. Irregardless of when the man committed his crime, they do not stop. If the child-molester's current problem involved alcohol as Mr. Ballard has indicated, then the chance is high that his inhibitions would be relaxed and there would be a higher chance of a repeat crime (if indeed he ever stopped).

County Commission
Post 1 - Greg Dunn. He was fair, honest beyond a shadow of doubt, frugal and trustworthy. All are traits hard to find in an elected official. I can find not one thing his opponent Robert Horgan has done aside from vote with the majority. After watching the video posted on this blog earlier with Mr. Horgan and Mr. Dunn on defined benefits, my choice was vindicated.

Post 2 - Robert Fuhrman. He has not impressed me with his knowledge of issues, but given his inexperience I can assume he will learn. His honestly and willingness to put the voter first sold me initially. However, I must admit that I too, like someone on this blog said somewhat differently, would vote for the dog catcher rather than vote for Herb Frady. My vote will be for the honest man.

Post 3 - Peter Pfiefer. I know Lee Hearn. I know he will be another pea in the pod with Eric Maxwell and Jack Smith (and possibly Herb Frady and Robert Horgan if either prevail). We do not need to continue the voting streak of the past year and one half. I am uncertain on Stuart Kourajian and cannot seem to pin him down on any issues. He walks down the middle, something I abhor in an elected official. He seems like a nice enough fellow, but clarity is important to me and I do not find it with Mr. Kourajian.

I said I had made up my mind completely but I still have a small area of doubt when it comes to choosing who I will cast my vote for in this race. I am strongly leaning to Dave Simmons, but Barry Babb has also impressed me. I am almost certain I will be voting for Mr. Simmons as I believe it is always good to have an outside review of such a critical department. His credentials are stellar and the answers he gave to questions asked at the debates were well-thought out and showed an astute knowledge of law enforcement and Fayette County. However, Mr. Babb is also a seemingly outstanding individual. I expect there to be a run off in this race.


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