Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hey t-man, tx for letting me know everyone's starting to talk on here again. I kept checking and no one was writing so I gave it up.

bfe you put the wrong video up on here. That's one with Robert Horgan and Greg Dunn on the retirement plans. You must watch it tho. I laughed so hard I hurt. Robert Horgan looks like a deer caught in the headlights when they ask him about defined benefits. He sounds like a ditz. What makes it even better is I read his answer to the Citizen question where he was trying to make it sound like a good thing they were getting ready to screw us so they could all have cush retirement. There is no way, no way, he wrote his own anser to the questions they asked in the Citizen. YOu read his words on line and then go watch this video and tell me he didn't cheat on his answers.

Hey, does anyone know if the commissioners are going to be covered by the same plan as the rest of the employees?

Glad you gentleman are back in blog business.

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