Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yesterday, employees of Dick's Sporting Goods in the Fayette Pavilion report that a gang of youths have been breaking into cars in the Pavilion. The thieves previously operated in the evening hours, now they are operating in the morning. Has anyone been a victim of these criminals?
On Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 5:05 pm, John Munford, of the Citizen posted the following article on gangs in Fayette County, Fayette Ft. Apache to gangs. The article stated that Fayette County now has eight gangs operating here. Fayette County School Official, C. W. Campbell states that there were approximately 100 gang-related incidents in the school system last year. You may recall that Fayette County Sheriff Randall Johnson and soon to be sheriff Wayne Hannah both previously denied that Fayette County had a gang or crime problem. According to the article in The Citizen, both Johnson and Hannah either deceived the voters of Fayette County by denying that it has a gang problem or they are unaware of the problem. I wonder what kind of sheriff Hannah will be if he so ill informed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fred Thompson forms a PAC

Dear Friend,

The challenges America faces may appear overwhelming. But you and I both know that if we adhere to the founding principles of individual liberty, federalism, and truly limited government, there is no obstacle the American people cannot overcome.

But the forces driving our country away from those First Principles are strong. They demand an ever-increasing growth in government, higher and higher taxes, and a judiciary that makes law and social policy instead of sticking to the wisdom of the Constitution.

It’s clear that we need men and women in Washington and in the statehouses across America who believe, as we do, in the fundamental principles of limited government restricted by enumerated powers.

That is why I an announcing the formation of Fred PAC, a political action committee dedicated to helping elect candidates who stand for the principles you and I hold dear – principles that are the only sure salvation for America.

Please visit our website at Learn how you can help.

Your support and assistance has meant a great deal to me and my family as we defended America’s First Principles. I know that in the days ahead we will continue in the fight for a strong, free, secure America … together.

Thank you for all you do.

Fred Thompson

Friday, August 15, 2008

Participation in the Community and in Elections; Character

Have you considered how few participated in electing those in office these days?

Consider the recent election.

In the primary only 26% voted which means that the "winner" only had to receive a nod from slightly over 13% of the electorate.

Commissioner Peter Pfeifer received 47% of the vote in the primary election yet due to Stuart Kourajian taking 13% of the vote, Pfeifer was forced into a run-off. If Kourajian had not been in the race Pfeifer would only have needed a bit over 3% of those voters to win outright. Given the fact that Kourajian lives in Peachtree City, it would be easily reasonable to assume the majority of Kourajian's votes would have gone to Pfeifer.

Yet due to his involvement in the election Pfeifer was forced into a run-off with Lee Hearn.

In the run-off, which always attracts a lower number, Pfeifer lost. Only 10.33% voted in that election. It is a known fact that the candidate with the higher number of votes in the main election typically loses or barely squeaks by in run-off elections.

It begs the question, was Kourajian a plant by those backing Hearn? It's doubtful any of us will ever know the answer to that question. Personally, I doubt he ran as a deliberate plant, however it is conceivable that some in Hearn's hidden camp encouraged Kourajian.

I read Janet Dunn's blogs on voter apathy and James Wingo's letter on the same subject. I have participated in a number of conversations on the same topic with my friends and acquaintances.

I find it difficult to have much confidence in our "leaders" when so few had anything to do with electing them.

Regarding the two previous blogs on lying, unfortunately we seem to be traveling the same route other metro-Atlanta counties have traveled.

Our schools have been good mainly, in my opinion, because of the participation and concern of parents. Similarly, our county has been great mainly due to the participation and concern of our citizens. As we experience growth and lose our connections, as our population ages and passes on, as the core population of "home-grown" individuals moves to other places, we change and devolve.

I believe those of us who have lived in the county for some time have lived through the "good old days" and we are unfortunately moving into a declining cycle. I sincerely believe if we had kept those in office who were concerned for the county and what was right above special interests I would not believe we were now on the downward slope toward mediocrity. I participate in this group and others in hopes we will be able to find candidates with the character of Peter Pfeifer, Greg Dunn and those who acted on principal.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lying doesn't seem to matter to voters

Doubt the school board fibs are going to make a hill of beans when it comes to the voters. They just voted for Herb Frady who was caugh lying during the campaign and he won. All the commissioners 'cept Pfeifer lied about going into exec session without an attorney then lied to cover it up and nobody cared one bit. Don't know what it takes to get peope involved and riled up but lying doesn't seem to rate. - S

A Lie

Granted, I'm hearing this second-hand, but a friend told me she was at a meeting a few nights ago and someone at the meeting informed the group that the School Board knew the deadline for putting the SPLOST question on the ballot back in May.

So? you may ask.

Well, according to their own statements in JULY, the School Board staff had to call an emergency meeting at the last minute because they had JUST discovered the deadline to get the SPLOST question on the ballot was Aug. 5th.

I was also told they did not want a lot of time for the public to have to deal with the issue and they purposely kept under the radar until the last possible minute to avoid public uproar.

I do not know if that last part is conjecture or supposed knowledge. However, although I can't reveal names, I know the first part regarding the question is from an extremely reliable initial source and have no doubt it's true.

I do not like being lied to by the School Board.

I did not like it when they included a recreational pool for the YMCA (another sneaky way to get something they've been wanting) in their proposal for the SPLOST. I've heard the actual BOARD was blind-sided by it being included but there is more than second-hand distance between that so-called knowledge and my ears so can't vouch for the truth. Put that one in the true rumor column.

I am going to work against the SPLOST. The majority of our tax money is going to the schools. We have a bond we're paying down already. Now we need a SPLOST?

Think about the reality of adding 1 cent to the tax number. It's not just a penny, it's a 20 percent increase in taxes. Don't ask me to explain that one, my accountant is the one who shared that with me and tried to explain that it wasn't a one-percent increase, that adding one-cent to the amount paid was actually the 20% increase. There IS a reason I have an accountant! Guys are supposed to be strong in the area of math. I must be the exception to the rule.

I believe if I were to give my accountant the School Board's budget she'd be able to come up with plenty of fat that could be cut. We're all tightening out belts, let the BOE do the same.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Circle the Wagons

I am unsure as to whether I want to even attempt to circle the wagons at this juncture. I know all but one of the current County Commissioners extremely well having grown up with most and association with others. I fear for our future.

I had at least held out some hope that one who didn't follow their pattern would remain on the Commission but that was not to be. Although he would have been ineffective in changing the direction, those of us who are not privy to the behind-the-scene rationalizations and motivations might have received a slight glimmer if Mr. Pfeifer had triumphed.

I am deeply concerned for our future. We will not know the impact of this election until the bill comes due and then it will be much too late.

We have elected masters at the art of politics and deception. Circle the wagons or pack them and prepare to head out for better territories.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I did not go to the commission meeting, however I am privy to a few things that happened during the meeting. Commissioner Peter Pfeifer was the lone no vote to settle the lawsuit. He objected saying the Commission did NOT lose the law suits when they went to the Supreme Court of Georgia and that this would open the door to more billboards.

How could it not open the door? Once you allow billboards, the next guy is going to sue and get billboards as long as we have this group of Commissioners.

Commissioner Eric Maxwell sued the county to get unlimited signs. I understand his attorney was Scott Bennett, the county attorney Maxwell hired to replace Bill McNally's firm.

Scott Bennett sued the county working for the company that Maxwell and friends just settled with. How's that for a bowl of rotten stew?

Bennett should have disclosed his ties to Tanner and Maxwell in turn should have disclosed his ties to Bennett and signs. Well, maybe not the signs!

Attorney and County Commissioner Eric Maxwell

I think attorney and County Commissioner Eric Maxwell is in the process of executing a long-term plan that is destined to land him a judgeship.

He ran Judge Fletcher Sams' campaign. After Maxwell got into office, he and his friends on the Commission handed Sams a raise of somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 K per year. Nice. Who owes who in that one?

He ran Scott Ballard's campaign. What do you think is going to happen if the County Commission gets caught doing something they shouldn't? Think Ballard will be impartial? Will Ballard turn it over to a friendly special prosecutor who lets it sit until it's long forgotten?

What about Ballard's requests from the County Commission? Anytime he asks for something is he going to get it? What has he already gotten from the commission? Will Maxwell recuse himself from doing the budget, voting on issues to do with Ballard? Ha.

Maxwell is running Judge Johnnie Caldwell's campaign. Caldwell is an advocate of setting up a costly separate judicial district for Fayette County. We're in a large district right now and there just aren't enough slots for all these judge wannabees. It's a long drive from Thomaston (his home) to Fayette County to campaign. Caldwell's opposition seems to always come from Fayette County.

Eric Maxwell has been trying to get a separate district for Fayette County. Why you might ask? Think about this one.

If there's a separate district what you want to bet that Fletcher Sams, who lives here, will end up as the judge. Then Sams spot will be open. Then Maxwell will be able to run for that and finally get his cushy position.

He got into office supported by the sheriff, Ballard's folks and Sams folks. The sheriff is gone, but those who revere him will still remember his desires. Who ya think is gonna win that spot?

Long term ambitions, carefully laid out plan that is going like clock-work.

Fayette County is being run by the new good old boys.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Immigration compliance in Fayette County

A friend of mine who lives in Gwinnett, works for organization relating to media, sent me this. Anyone heard anything from our local government about this issue?


Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister has directed County government to beef up its compliance with the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (SB 529), which took effect 13 months ago. In short, state law requires public employers to verify the immigration status of applicants for public benefits. Gwinnett County administers a relatively small number of the dozens of possible public benefits as defined by federal law. ”I feel strongly that tax dollars should be administered not only according to the letter of the law, but to the full spirit and intent of the law,” said Bannister.

Under the act, effective July 1, 2008, Georgia public employers of 100 or more employees must verify information on all new employees using the federal online E-Verify system. Gwinnett County has been using the program since July 1, 2007, to confirm information submitted by potential new hires and required its contractors and subcontractors to do so as well. Gwinnett County is also in the process of verifying information on applicants for housing assistance from the Community Block Grant Development Program through the federal online SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) Program.

“While Gwinnett is already using SAVE for specifically-mandated purposes, I would like to extend its use to similar applications, such as occupation tax certificates, “said Bannister. “We have been a leader in the state with the revision of our purchasing ordinance to require contractors to also employ the SAVE program, but it’s time to redouble our efforts to ensure our community’s continued security.”

Gwinnett County will review the list of public benefits to determine what applies within its jurisdiction and create further policies or adjust procedures as necessary to maximize conformity with the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act. Bannister has instructed County staff to complete any needed adjustments to fully comply with the program by Sept. 1.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chiming in

Definitely no on the comments. I don't mind hearing from those with opposing ideas but don't want to sink to Citizen blog level. Keep it real. - SH
No on the comments. Just another rabble-rouser with no substance. Sounds like somewhere on here we must have ruffled one of the commissioner's feathers. The author says we have no ethics? Is it because we dare to question and have a different opinion? Arrogance. - T

Monday, July 28, 2008

I vote no

I vote no on the comments. I don't mind when someone disagrees utilizing facts or even intelligent comments. However, the person is obviously angry about something and is a little bit off it seems. Somehow the person commenting believes this site is for political gain. I'm not sure how a group of citizens talking and sharing information can be construed as being for political gain and I'm certainly unaware of how we could affect anything in regards to elections. To the best of my knowledge our readership thus far is fairly small, albeit growing. We have not been writing long enough to be a force to be reckoned with, however that may change over time if we all continue to participate and become involved.

Earlier someone had asked whether we wanted outside comments or not. I think we should leave it open for comments but set standards. Well-thought out discussions and information should be allowed. After all, even amongst ourselves we have divergent views.

Question for all

What should we do about the blogger who sounds like they're from the Citizen newspaper blogging group who is making comments on our blog? I see nobody had posted any of their comments and I know we all have the ability to do so. It's obvious he / she has a bee in their bonnet and doesn't like that we're talking / writing. They are saying the same old tired thing about Bost, Dunn, Wells, and whoever else they want to toss in the mix. Same old, same old with no facts, just name-calling and nastiness.

I'm curious, does anyone know how many authors we have on this blog now? Given the rules I don't know any way to keep count unless someone is keeping an email list of those who have been invited to join. I don't know who has access to the email account, I know there's only a few and I'm not one of them.

Cooper Lighting to ditch Defined Benefit Plan

Heard from a reliable source that Cooper Lighting will be ditching its Defined Benefit Plan due to the high costs. From what I've heard, they'll keep it in place for current employees but will not offer it to new hires. I am hearing this second-hand so can't vouch for the accuracy of my information. If anyone who's a member of the Firewall knows someone at Cooper or has first-hand information, please let us all know.

The AJC has a new report on Atlanta's plight with their DB retirement. Numbers are going higher.

Did anyone see the story by Chuck Morely in the Fayette Daily News? They went in and talked to their buddies on the County Commission and then repeated the party-line as news. It sounded like the two Jacks co-wrote it.