Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hollis Harris

I used to have a lot of respect for Hollis Harris. He was an icon at Delta Airlines and I hate to see him sully his name by lending it to people who have no scruples. How old is he?

I was surprised when he made the phone calls for Eric Maxwell back in the last Commission election. I was shocked by the nonsense in the letter he wrote to the Editor and then gave to Robert Horgan to use in his advertisement in the Citizen Newspaper.

Did neither of them think about how that would come across to every new person who has moved to the county for the great schools and low crime? Did neither of them think about how minorities would view the obviously racist spiel he drooled?

The majority of Robert Horgan's constituents are people of color. Did they discount those individuals assuming they would vote a Democratic ballot and that it could not hurt him in the election? Has he not heard that Democrats are being highly encouraged to vote Republican on Tuesday so they can have a voice in what is going on in their community? Are they simply arrogant and uncaring about their constituents?

I agree with the earlier letter written by a number of individuals in the Fayette Firewall in that Hollis Harris' premise is flawed. If we chose our elected officials based on his formula only special interest groups like his would be making decisions in this county. I am looking at qualifications and for individuals who put the citizens of Fayette County first, not business interests.

Friendly aside to my fellow writers. When posting on the blog you might want to take advantage of the spell check function.

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