Sunday, July 20, 2008

Legal Matter on Thursday. Billboards coming?

Last year when the County Commission make up shifted they set about trying to undo all the policies Herb Frady had been unhappy about. The public was notified about some of the changes and stopped many from happening. Mr. Frady appears not to care for the light of day to shine on his decisions. I expect we'll see much of the same once the run-off election is finished.

I am concerned about the upcoming Executive Session being held prior to the Thursday meeting. They are going to be discussing a legal matter of some sort (legally now that they have an attorney of sorts). What is so important that it requires a meeting before the regular meeting? Usually that would indicate something in need of a quick decision. Given the circumstances I'm sure it is not listed on the public agenda thus we'll all have to wait.

Some things that were put off that I expect to see in the near future include the rezoning of the property owned by Herb Frady's big buddy on Ebenezer Church Road. Stinchcomb has wanted to rezone the property and Herb has been in favor of the move. The neighbors don't want it and there will be a big outcry if they try to decrease the lot size.

They tried to change the sound ordinance. They tried to take away the barrier up on the North end.

Has anyone thought about the fact that once they have five commissioners working in lock-step they will be able to switch their votes around to three-two votes when they need to make a commissioner "look good". They will still get their way but two will always be able to vote differently avoiding public disapproval.

Think about what Herb Frady did in recent days. He has been adamantly FOR defined benefits making two positive votes on the issue. The last vote, which simply had to do with looking at the best way to implement it received a nay vote from Frady. Thus he was able to twist the facts and all of a sudden, knowing it was a political hot potato, could say he voted against it. He tried to make it look like Pfiefer, who has been outspoken against defined benefits was FOR it simply because he voted to look at the best plan. The original vote was the most important vote. The last one was fluff.

I just realized what the upcoming issue of the pre-meeting executive session is probably about! They are going to settle the law suit with the sign company and allow billboards.

The past Board would never have allowed this to happen. Watch and see. They will somehow blame the past Board, who WON all the sign lawsuits, for their inability to win. Given the fact that Eric Maxwell sued to get unlimited signs and that the current attorney was his attorney in the lawsuit, not to mention the fact that Scott also sued Fayette County on behalf of a billboard company, I think they are looking for ways to "settle" the law suit.

Anyone want to make a bet on this one?

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Anonymous said...

If the County Attorney (whose firm represented a commissioner in suing the county) advises the Board to settle a lawsuit on a similar matter, a complaint should be filed against him with the State Bar of Georgia.