Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fayette Crime --- A New Fayette Firewall Blog!

Crime has recently become an issue in Fayette County. Citizens received mixed messages regarding the rate of crime in Fayette County.

We contend that records can be adjusted and reported to support anyone's viewpoint. If the Sheriff wants to look good, the numbers look good. Crimes can be under reported, closed in a way that doesn't include them in certain stats, or simply reported as one type crime rather than another.

The county is shrinking, also. Cities have annexed a large portion of the county thus the area being monitored by the Sheriff is less today than it was a year ago, five years ago or ten years ago.

A number of our Fayette Firewall members have asked for a blog that would allow the public to report crimes they see or hear about. Plus, some would like to discuss crime and related issues.

We invited our Fayette Firewall members to participate in this blog if they choose and we invite members of the public to comment. Emails regarding crimes may be sent to We'll make sure that they are posted on the blog for you!

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