Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nobody showed up to vote

I took a look at the results. How is it that the majority of people who live in Brooks and Woolsey showed up to vote and nobody showed up anywhere else? Do you smell something fishy? What is it with those people down there if they really did come out to vote like that. The guys who bend over backwards to make sure they don't have condos in their backyards don't get their votes but the ones who want to develop the county and screw us all get their backing?

To whoever it was who said they didn't vote I'll be first in line to kick you. It'll be a long line of back ends I'm kicking because it looks like only 26% of the people in the county give a flying $%#@ about their future.

Yeah, agree that Horgan is about as dumb as they come. We have had some who were close though. Mask couldn't read or write from what I've heard. I think Horgan can at least write if someone tells him what to write. Listen to him talk on some of those YOuTube things then tell me he had anything to do with any of the written responses to any question asked by the papers. Next time you run into him get him to explain something and you'll see. No smarts but real good at doing what other people, namely Herbie, tell him to do.

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