Monday, July 28, 2008

Cooper Lighting to ditch Defined Benefit Plan

Heard from a reliable source that Cooper Lighting will be ditching its Defined Benefit Plan due to the high costs. From what I've heard, they'll keep it in place for current employees but will not offer it to new hires. I am hearing this second-hand so can't vouch for the accuracy of my information. If anyone who's a member of the Firewall knows someone at Cooper or has first-hand information, please let us all know.

The AJC has a new report on Atlanta's plight with their DB retirement. Numbers are going higher.

Did anyone see the story by Chuck Morely in the Fayette Daily News? They went in and talked to their buddies on the County Commission and then repeated the party-line as news. It sounded like the two Jacks co-wrote it.

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