Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fayette County Election Irony

Jack Smith, Eric Maxwell, Herb Frady, George Wingo, and others took a photo together, showing they were a political machine, that they all walked in lock-step and supported each other. Then, they accused Greg Dunn and Linda Wells of being a political machine.

If any of the voters cared enough about their county to go to any of the County Commission meetings they would know the difference between the current Board and the past Board. If any of the voters cared enough about their county to get to know the candidates they would know just how ironic it is that the current batch would portray the old Board as being the opposite of what they were. It is not ironic that the voters swallowed the lies, it is sad.

What is even sadder is what this current Board has in store for Fayette County voters. Hold on to your pocket books folks and get the For Sale signs ready because you are going to find that the future for Fayette County just got darker. - S

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Anonymous said...

A friend attended a meeting of the Fayette Democratic Party at which Alice Jones said she attends County Commission meetings. She went on to give a written report of her comments regarding the budget. However, what no one at the meeting knew was that she did not attend the budget session. Proof that a one-eyed man can become king in the kingdom of the blind.

Don't be surprised if she starts "interpreting" the intent of county government according to her own interests.