Tuesday, July 15, 2008

commission jack smith

tried to get through the letter

got lost

read enough to know he's trying to justify something that can't be justified

they are catering to the employees at the expense of the county

did they cut a deal with 'interim' county manager jack krakeel

what does he have on them

of course the employees are going to want these guys left in there

who wouldn't when the commissioners are kissing their behinds

dont' they know that when the county runs out of money paying benefits to the ones who leave early that they won't get anything and they'll get screwed

bet krakeel retires fast

they'll stick this benefit system in and he'll wait around just long enough to get his then vamoose

smiths letter is the longest rambling mess

no sense can be made of all the stats he sticks

anyone on here read it

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