Tuesday, July 22, 2008

North Fayette

I don't know that North Fayette "blew it". I agree that if any group of people, north Fayette, south Fayette, Brooks, Peachtree City, the Kiwanis, the Rotary Club, etc. got together and decided to vote as a block they could probably affect a major change. However, what are the chances of a diverse group of individuals banding together and agreeing that one candidate or one option is the best for all? I've been a member of untold numbers of groups in my long years and not once have I ever seen everyone in any group agree to go in one direction. When you toss politics into the mess it gets even more divided. Democrats pulling Republican tickets? I'm not sure I could pull a Democratic ticket without a darn good reason and I haven't seen one yet. I have voted for a Democrat on occasion in the November elections, but I have yet to be able to change parties in July.

I can't imagine convincing that large a group, coming from untold numbers of backgrounds with untold numbers of beliefs that they should all walk in lock-step and go against "their party". I would guess that even the Republicans on the north end didn't vote in lock-step.

I'm not a proponent of district voting, but I can understand why it's so tempting a choice. Unfortunately, if we did have district voting it wouldn't change anything. The other four commissioners or school board members would just override whatever that one commissioner wanted until it was for the good of the entire county. I prefer to be able to vote on all of the candidates and work to get the bums out if needed. It doesn't always work but at least I can voice my opinions and vote for them all.

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