Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Circle the Wagons

I am unsure as to whether I want to even attempt to circle the wagons at this juncture. I know all but one of the current County Commissioners extremely well having grown up with most and association with others. I fear for our future.

I had at least held out some hope that one who didn't follow their pattern would remain on the Commission but that was not to be. Although he would have been ineffective in changing the direction, those of us who are not privy to the behind-the-scene rationalizations and motivations might have received a slight glimmer if Mr. Pfeifer had triumphed.

I am deeply concerned for our future. We will not know the impact of this election until the bill comes due and then it will be much too late.

We have elected masters at the art of politics and deception. Circle the wagons or pack them and prepare to head out for better territories.

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