Friday, January 4, 2008

Hi Fayette County!

Looks like none of my fellow bloggers have done much yet. Guess it's the holidays.

Here's topics I'm going to be watching in Fayette County:

1. The INTERIM County Manager. How do you have a county manager who isn't permanent yet?
2. Defined benefits. The county commission is screwing the tax payers of Fayette County.
3. New city council in Tyrone. Old sour grapes who wanted to be mayor and lost is raising a stink. He should just go quietly. Lots of changes over there, so far sound good.
4. The LIE told by Maxwell about the VIOLATION of the OPEN MEETINGS act.
5. Big boxes in my home town of PTC.
6. Logsdon. Good bad or just OK?

That's it for now. I thought it was time that one of us put something out here. Happy new year.


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